First Impressions count!

1. Kerb Appeal - Stand on the pavement at the front of your home and look objectively at what could be improved at little expense. This may be lose wires which need re-clipping to the wall, a wonky downspout needing realigning, a broken doorbell, clean down the front door or porch, flaky paint on woodwork areas or just some elbow grease required to clean window frames etc. Don’t forget the front garden too! Lawns cut and weeding done, can go a long way to finishing off the kerb appeal to a home and does your home need a house number adding or making more visible, to help your viewer find it easily?

2. Inside the home, ensure it is clutter free. Dare we say no viewer usually looks inside drawers or cupboards, so use them well and store away the things which are lying around making a mess of unit tops or floors. If you have nowhere to store certain things like toys, make neat piles to the side and corners of the rooms they are in, so more floor space is visible and it easy to walk in and around the room.

3. If you can, give the tired rooms a lick of paint, with light to bright neutral colours, nothing to garish, so a buyer can visualise their style without being overwhelmed by yours.

4. Baths and showers, clean the seals getting rid of any mould and even use a grout pen, to freshen up between the tiles. Nice air fresheners and toilet seats down are always a winner.

5. Kitchen, avoid cooking spicy foods the night before a viewing, again clean any mould from seals and de-clutter work tops. Dog bowls and cat litter trays are best moved for viewings.

6. Clean floors, be it swept, mopped or hoovered goes without saying, as does having some nice air fresheners creating a nice ambience.

7. Ensure the home compliments the weather conditions! Hot days, air the home, cold days have the heating on a comfortable temperature.

and finally pets! As a nation of animal lovers, non more so than most of our staff, not everyone likes animals and more so some people can be scared of them, no matter how small and cute. Our accompanied viewing service means you can take the dog for a walk whilst we do the viewing if required, or perhaps plan a way to have dogs out of the way on viewings. Please do not take this as us saying all viewers will be put off, as there is a chance your viewer has pets themselves, but could it help to eliminate the possibility of a nervous viewer not getting the right feeling for the home because they are too scared? We can advise everyone on an individual basis to minimise disruption to your usual day to day routine.